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Our team of experts can provide support, guidance and solutions based on financial trends and insights to help your business thrive. We can help identify the true strengths of your business and identify areas which may be missing from your current growth strategy.

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You shouldn’t have to manage your company by yourself. You are assigned a team of small business specialists at Savvy.

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You may add services that help you pay and manage your staff as needed.

We manage everything..

Savvy provides an all-in-one bookkeeping, tax, and banking solution for your company. Everything is planned out for you every step of the way.

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A clear picture of your profits

Track income and spending easily and affordably. Savvy provides you all the information you need to know where your company stands at any given time.

When you’re ready, get simple, accurate payroll.

Once set up, you can automate payroll, pay employees quickly with direct deposit, and simply monitor hours and projects with time tracking.

Accepting many different sorts of payments

Online or in person, whether by card, eCheck, or ACH, Savvy makes being paid straightforward for you and your clients to organise.

Dedicated expert support

Our team keeps you always updated

When you log onto Savvy, you are immediately connected to the most recent financial data for your company, as well as your qualified bookkeeper and tax team.

Regular check-ins

We’ll keep you informed with accounting and financial information on a regular basis. Whether it’s tax time or time for a quarterly check-in, we’re here to provide you with the most recent company information.

Continuous professional assistance

Within the Savvy platform, message your bookkeeper immediately. Have a challenging query? A team of skilled small company specialists is behind your bookkeeper. They’ll respond within one business day or fewer and provide the information you want.

Fast, direct interaction with your bookkeeper

Want to call your bookkeeper right away? To schedule a call at a time that fits for your schedule, use the Savvy platform.

We partner with the world’s best financial tools​​

Savvy just make things so simple! Over the years I have had quite a number of accountants but with Savvy what stands out is how simple and clear everything can be. They don't blind you with science, just good sensible down to earth suggestions and advice. Like a chat with a knowledgeable relaxed friend. This is accountancy made human! ”


“ I've been very happy working with Alex and Savvy and would definitely recommend them. Alex's experience means she is knowledgeable about the issues and challenges we've faced, enabling her to offer useful, workable advice. The key thing for me was their time-saving effect. Rather than spending a week each month (and more at year-end!) on my accounts, I was introduced to Quickbooks, which cut this down drastically; as well as being able to pass the more time-consuming task on to them. This allowed me more time to concentrate on running and growing my business. ”


“ I genuinely can't speak more highly of Alex and Savvy Accounting. I've worked with Alex from the start of my design studio and I consider her company a vital and integral part of my business. Excellent, friendly and clear communication and faultless accounting. Her proactive approach ensures I meet deadlines and I can totally focus on my side of my business knowing the financial elements are in safe hands. ”

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